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If you are a blogger (YouTube, Twitch or other), owner of a gaming or entertainment website or a famous e-sports player, you are eligible to participate in our partner program! You can earn affiliate coins and get more followers!

Entertainment YouTubers or Twitchers with at least 20,000 subscribers; 3,000 views per video or website owners with 3,000 or more daily visitors, please send us email to [email protected] to discuss partnership directly.

Best Practices for Partners

Use the DaddySkins partner link/code

To increase number of affiliates, promote your affiliate link with promo code (or just the code) anywhere you get visitors. Put it in your YouTube/Twitch channel or video, video description/comments, social media posts, articles or context ads.

Users who make deposits using your link, will generate a credit to your balance and you just need to collect it by hitting Collect Earnings button. The more people used your link, the more credit you get.

Expand awareness

DaddySkins allows you to use its logo, avatar picture and name to increase awareness and your connection to our site.

Build trust

Be fair while promoting your link, don’t phish and don’t provide incorrect or inaccurate information. Establishing trust is a key to your success.

How does affiliate program work?

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